Maggio 14, 2022
Number of discs: 1
medivh · Pietra

“The latest creation of this Prog/Industrial/Rock MEDIVH project, is brought to life as the soundtrack of a dystopian movie, dominated by dark and dreamy atmosphere, sweet and attractive like a restless lullaby. The voice sings a nenia that combines with the xylophone and the bells/carillon, bringing us back to our childhood. Maybe it’s just an illusion that pretends to be a prelude to the victory of the gloomy mood with the late Industrial beat, that leads us to the climax of the composition. And yes, indeed, this is not the end: the acoustic guitar and the lead voice give us what could possibly be the genesis of the song.
An ending that leads us straight into a dark room, with six strings and a shy glimmer of light from a crack in the door, a little glow that shows us a piece of paper with something scribbled on it: secret words of a restless melancholy.”.

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