Residing in between electronic music and alternative rock, Medivh’s music isn’t for the faint hearted. Receiving praise from the likes of Rock IT, Clout UK, Red Rock Magazine, Firenze Urban Lifestyle and radio stations across Europe, Medivh’s music is the perfect match for all those moments suspended between dream, reality, fear and excitement. Composed of brothers Emmanuele and Tommaso, the siblings write and produce their own music. The type of track that would sit perfectly on your playlist if you love Nine Inch Nails, Mogwai, or Depeche Mode, the transcending sound of Medivh will leave you weak at the knees. The latest creation of this Prog/Industrial/Rock MEDIVH project, is brought to life as the soundtrack of a dystopian movie, dominated by dark and dreamy atmosphere, sweet and attractive like a restless lullaby. 

After the powerful Rebirth, MEDIVH returns with this unique sound experimentation: PIETRA is more than a song. The voice joins the musical texture of the instruments to create suggestive atmospheres, bringing the listener into the shadowy realm of dream.The type of track that would sit perfectly on your playlist, if you love soundtracks or something like Mogwai and Nine Inch Nails. The genesis of the project dates back to summer 2020, and fast forward to now, the boys have released an album and two singles. Dark, powerful and addictive, MEDIVH has started making a huge impact on the international music scene with a fresh outlook on Alternative Music, integrating classic techniques with booming voices, rock influenced synthesis, and heavy progressions.




Vocal, Guitar, Synth

Bass, Synth 

Electric & Acoustic Drum, Percussion

They say about us

It is not a nostalgic classic rock sound. It's modern alt-rock, with great electric textures at small prog details (from Billie Eilish's popular alternative) like in Wind, Or melodies and groovy rhythms like Depeche Mode - listen Maelstrom.
Alternative/post-rock, very well packaged. Medivh sound is the perfect match between Mogway atmospheres and Porcupine Tree melodies. Everything is in the right place, modern, direct, articulate and melodically perfect.
Medivh send shivers down the spine of their audiences with their new experimental single Pietra. The track creates an eerie dreamlike atmosphere [...] The song truly mystifies the audience and takes them to a sonic tour of a genre-fusing dimension.
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