Three inde musicians, no label: Medivh brings new sounds to the world of alternative/post rock.
Emmanuele (big brother): frontman, voice, guitar and piano; Tommaso (little brother): bass and synth; Lorenzo: acoustic drums and drum machine. They have had different experiences in music but in 2020, the spark: the desire to create something new gives birth to Medivh, an hybrid project with perfect mix of electronic sounds, rock power, punk and psychedelic influences.

Three different souls, creating with harmony and respect for each other’s ideas; their influences ranges from Pink Floyd to Steven Wilson, from Mogway to Billie Eilish, from Depeche Mode to Biffy Clyro, passing through Hans Zimmer and Ramin Djawadi. Their sound is melancholy, powerful, dark. “The spark is always autobiographical: starting from personal stories we face universal themes, so in our songs you can find anger, love, disappointment, sense of helplessness, desire for freedom…”




Vocal, Guitar, Synth

Bass, Synth 

Electric & Acoustic Drum, Percussion

They say about us

It is not a nostalgic classic rock sound. It's modern alt-rock, with great electric textures at small prog details (from Billie Eilish's popular alternative) like in Wind, Or melodies and groovy rhythms like Depeche Mode - listen Maelstrom.
Alternative/post-rock, very well packaged. Medivh sound is the perfect match between Mogway atmospheres and Porcupine Tree melodies. Everything is in the right place, modern, direct, articulate and melodically perfect.
I love Maelstrom by Medivh: that combination of sound creates a great atmosphere. The artist´s voice, as well as half distrossed, fascinates me, 'cause it looks so good with everything on the background track. Great song! This band is on the right way!
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